3 Reasons Why Trina Needs To Move On From Kenyon Martin


It’s happened to the best of us. You meet a guy you feel you really connect with and for a while things are good, great even, you’re floating on cloud nine with no intentions on coming down. Then it happens. You break up, and suddenly you find yourself hurt crying and holding on to someone who has clearly let go. On the latest episode of “La La’s Full Court Life” Miami rap diva Trina finds herself in just that situation. As La La tries to convince a heartbroken Trina to move on from her relationship with NBA baller Kenyon Martin, Trina desperately tries to hold on to the past using one lame excuse after another for why her and Kenyon’s relationship may not be over for good.

We’ve all been there, so we get where Trina’s coming from, but we here at Vibe Vixen think it’s time for a vixen like Trina to leave her baggage at the door and step out into her new life, and here’s three reasons why.