3 Reasons Why We’re Excited for Best Man 2


When word hit that director Malcolm E. Lee and Universal Pictures have plans to resurrect his classic film, The Best Man, you jumped for joy. Admit it, Vixens. It’s been 12 years since The Best Man raveled our minds in 1999 and now a sequel to the classic movie is finally in pre-production after the idea grew during a reunion dinner with the cast back in January. Often pegged as the male answer to Waiting to Exhale, his plan is to ask the critically acclaimed ensemble cast to reprise their roles.

Though a release date for the wedding-themed sequel has yet to be determined, the excitement is already brewing. According to user comments made on Deadline.com where the press release was posted, viewers applaud Malcolm E. Lee’s comeback and hope The Best Man 2 will be the long-awaited combat to Tyler Perry’s films. While Malcolm E. Lee has the green light on this production, go ahead and dust off your copy of The Best Man soundtrack and check out three reasons why we’re excited for the sequel and why you should be too!