4 Tips To Revamp Your Résumé


Get Rid Of Useless And Out Of Place Info
Employers and recruiters are extremely busy and don’t have time to read through fluff and filler, leave that at the door. Don’t say that you are a great communicator, exceptional and proactive negotiator, etc, go through your resume and get rid of soaring adverbs and any grandiose jargon that most likely means nothing much anyway. Employers want to see hard facts and more often than not won’t hire you because you say you’re great, but rather because they can see in the resume that you have done great things or are capable of great things. Also, don’t include personal data, business references, or salary requirements. It’s unprofessional and may cost you the job, save it for when you are further into the hiring process.

Most importantly remember to sell yourself! The job hunt is no time to be humble and modest, you’re competing against hundreds and thousands of other candidates so make sure to show and prove. You can do it!

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