According To Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross’ ‘You The Boss’ Was Originally For Weezy


Rick Ross has kept his hit-streak going with his latest single, “You The Boss.” But according to the song’s featured guest Nicki Minaj, the track was originally written for her real boss, Lil Wayne. While on set shooting the video for Birdman’s “Y. U. Mad?” Nicki told MTV the original plans for the track:

“You know what’s interesting about that song,” Minaj said while in character as one of her newer alter egos, the Female Weezy, “Nicki originally did that song for Wayne two and a half years ago…It was just lingering, and then she gave it to Rick Ross,” her alter ego said. “I think it’s hot.”

Nicki also took time out to wish Rick Ross a healthy recovery, after suffering from two seizures within the past week.

“We actually been talking about him and praying for him on the trailer because he’s such a crucial part of hip-hop right now and we’re just hoping he’s healthy,” Minaj said lovingly. “That’s all we can do is pray and hope that he gets some rest and comes back stronger.”