Alexxys K. Tylor, We Salute Thee!


Picture this: Brooklyn, 2007. I remember it like it was yesterday. One of my homegirls sends out a mass email announcing that she had seen the “best sh*t ever,” and that we had to watch it immediately. On that day, we were all introduced to “Vagina Power” and Alexyss K. Tylor, and we haven’t been the same since.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure to indulge as we did, Ms. Tylor is an Atlanta-based talk show hostess who received internet notoriety when her recently–pulled-from-television cable access program was posted to YouTube. Her subject matter is 100% about sex and dating, and she pulls no punches. At first glance, she looks like a mature Whitley Gilbert (with a weave that is always laid), but when she opens her mouth, she sounds more like Lil’ Kim or Khia, even.

Check out some of her most notorious work!