Amanda Knox’s First Words Since Being Acquitted of Murder


Amanda Knox, the University of Washington student acquitted of murder in Italy, sent a written letter of thanks to a U.S.- Italian foundation for supporting her through her four-year ordeal.

“To hold my hand and offer the support and respect through the barriers and controversies of the Italians. There was the Italy U.S.A. Foundation, and many who have shared my pain and helped me to survive on hope,” Knox wrote today in a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the Italy-U.S. Foundation, Corrado Maria Daclon.

“I am forever grateful for their caring hospitality and their courageous efforts. Those who wrote to me, who defended me, who stayed close to me, who prayed for me. We are forever grateful. I love you. Amanda,” the letter read.

The appeals court in Perugia overturned the convictions and set Knox and Sollecito free. They had been in prison since November 6, 2007, four days after Kercher’s body had been discovered in the apartment. Although Knox won her appeal and was found not guilty of the murder, various papers assumed that the judgement would come back as guilty.

One of the paper publications to print up the false story was The Mail, whose headline on the website read: “Guilty: Amanda Knox looks stunned as appeal against murder conviction is rejected.” However, The Mail was not the only British news outlet to make the ruling error. The Sun and Sky News were both included, as well as The Guardian in its live blog.

Tthe real pain falls back on The Kerchers, who have not found true justice for the case of their murdered love one. “That’s the biggest disappointment, not knowing still,” said Meredith’s sister Stephanie Kercher at the news conference. “Knowing that there is obviously someone, or people, out there who have done this.

The Kercher family showed amazing resilence.

 “We respect the decision of the judges but we do not understand how the decision of the first trial could be so radically overturned,” the Kerchers said in a statement. “We still trust the Italian justice system and hope that the truth will eventually emerge.” 

The family of Meredith Kercher put pressure on the courts to uphold the guilty verdicts passed two years ago, and resisted theories that a third man convicted in the case, Rudy Hermann Guede, had acted alone. Guede, convicted in a separate trial, is serving a 16-year sentence. 

Hundreds of mostly university-age youths gathered in and around the piazza outside the courtroom as news of the acquittals leaked. “Shame, shame,” they yelled, adding that a black man had been made to shoulder all of the guilt for the murder. –Shabazz

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