America’s Next Top Model’s 14 Outrageous Diva Moments, Featuring The All Stars


Sheena can be aptly described as a party in a body (as Jersey Shore’s Deena would say). She entered the scene on ANTM cycle 11. The Japanese-Korean diva was  flexible, extremely loud and best known for her “hoochie moments.” Mr. Jay often had to call the Harlem native out for getting too raunchy with her poses. One of her most stand out moments was placing her leg behind her head while sitting on a couch during a visit with some bag designers and…wait for it…she placed the bag in front of her croch. It was um, interesting to say the least. Check out this video that showcases some of her most standout moments, including the bag incident.

Nowadays, Sheena is still modeling and doing stunt work in movies. But we still miss her on the show.