Andre 3000 To Be Featured On B.o.B. Album


(via HipHopWired)

Two years ago, Hip-Hop fans were convinced that B.o.B. and Andre 3000 were the same person (well, not really but there were many comparisons between the two).

Now hip-hop fans may finally hear the two Atlanta rappers together on the same song.

According to T.I., Andre 3000 is set to appear on B.o.B.’s upcoming new album on a song called “Play the Guitar.”

“They sampled that verse on [Drake’s] ‘Fancy’ where I say, “She play niggas like B.o.B play the guitar,” T.I. told T.I. also revealed that he’ll be featured on B.o.B.’s Strange Clouds album on a song called “Arena.”

B.o.B’s Strange Clouds is due out in March 2012.