Angela Yee Talks To Pusha T About Baby-Making and Why He Wants A Son First


G.O.O.D. Music heavyweight, Pusha T talks love and sex to radio raunch queen Angela Yee’s red-light playlist 


Angela Yee: The songs starts with, “You’re having my baby…” Have you ever had that feeling with someone?
Pusha T: I’ve felt like that a couple of times, but it always seems to change up after awhile.

Did you ever try?
No, no, no. Never tried. 

You already know what you’re going to name your kids?
Hell yeah. 

Pusha Jr.?
Definitely no. But I can’t put my names out there, because everybody will steal my names. 

Son or daughter first?
Son first—son has to protect the daughter.

Watch the full convo below: 

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