Animal Instinct: How to Know If He’s the One


When the female eagle is looking for a mate, she administers a test to the male eagle that is pretty much genius. Swooping overhead, she spots the lil’ fella she wants to make babies with down below. She drops a branch to him from the sky, a branch that is equal to her own weight. If the male eagle can pick up that first branch, the female drops another branch, this time about the weight of her and her future children. If he can pick up that branch and fly with it, the female will mate with him. But if not, she flies away to find someone who can.

Now, how powerful is that?! At the risk of sounding like a geek, I believe that a lot of answers to the questions we have in life can be found in nature. We as women can learn a thing or two from the female eagle. A lot of times, we get frustrated with love because we are settling with the wrong guys. Guys who have failed to prove themselves to us over and over again, yet we keep giving them chances. Do you think the female eagle makes excuses for the male who cannot handle the weight of the branch she drops for him? Of course not. She doesn’t care how cute he is, how sweet or how smooth he laid his mack down. For the mere survival of her family, she can’t afford to settle with a weak male. And hel-lo, my fellow Vixens, neither can we!

As we become more and more independent and self-reliant, it’s important to remember that a successful family structure must include a good, strong man as the head of the household. Don’t let just any ol’ man lead your family! Don’t waste your time trying to build with someone who doesn’t have good values or a strong foundation. Absolutely not! Your man has to be ready and able to lead in the right way. Before you let yourself get into a serious situation with a man, make sure you test his strength and his integrity. And ladies, if he doesn’t pass the test? Then you should pass on him. NEXT!