‘Apprentice’ Star Omarosa’s Brother Killed By Girlfriend’s Ex


Money and fame can keep you from many things, but two things it doesn’t protect you from are violence and the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately one of reality television’s favorite bad girls, ‘Apprentice’ star Omarosa Manigault, learned that lesson when her brother was shot and killed this past Sunday.

Omarosa’s brother, 40-year-old Jack Manigault, was killed Sunday after an intruder broke into his Youngstown, Ohio, home and shot him dead. According to reports, Jack and his girlfriend were asleep in the home along with the girlfriend’s two children when 22-year-old Marco Cardenas, a former boyfriend of Jack’s girlfriend, broke into their home in the early hours of the morning, pushed past the two children and made his way into the bedroom where he shot Jack, who staggered out of the room and eventually collapsed. Cardenas then allegedly hit the girlfriend in the head with his gun and attempted to shoot Jack once more before the children forced him from the house.

In a statement Omarosa said:

“We thank everyone for their amazing outpouring of support surrounding the tragic death of my brother Jack. … Right now it is an extremely difficult time and we ask that you allow family privacy to grieve and make all necessary arrangements.”

Although Jack Manigault had his share of run ins with the law in the past, his family says that he turned his life over to God two years ago and had turned his life around. Cardenas was reportedly on probation related to a breaking and entering conviction when he committed the crime.

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