Are Good Toys Only For Bad Girls?


The internet is all a buzz with the news that the princess of S&M, Rihanna, has gone shopping in a sex store. Cue little old ladies clutching pearls and passing out. Reports say that RiRi dropped $1500 on toys, handcuffs, scented candles and lingerie when she visited a sex shop called Lovestore while in Paris last week. Of course this isn’t the first time Rihanna has been seen shopping in adult stores, she’s been spotted racking up on late night (or early morning) delights everywhere from Canada to Australia. So why is this news? More importantly, why are people shocked and passing judgment?

Reading the comments on the various articles about this story people have called Rihanna a pervert, trash, devoid of self esteem, a freak, a disease infested whore….the list really could go on all day. What I don’t get is that some of the same people calling Rihanna everything but a child of God for buying herself some toys, are the same people that probably have a drawer full of goodies themselves, they just aren’t famous enough to have the media and paparazzi tracking their every move. Rihanna may be young, but she is an adult and as such has the right to do adult things like buy whips and vibrators. How does that make her a whore? How does that prove she has low self esteem? And if shopping at an adult store automatically equals filthy trash, disease infested whoredom, then aren’t more than a handful of us know better than she is?

As far as we appear to have come over the last century when it comes to equality, women’s rights and the feminist movement, it is clear that this is still a man’s world. A patriarchal society where women are still expected to be seen and not heard, ladies in the streets, but dirty whores in the bed…as long as know one knows about it of course. We’re still expected to be ashamed of our sexuality and hide our sensuous desires. Shop for adult toys…in public…during the day…and not care?? How dare Rihanna be so bold and unladylike *side-eye*. Rihanna or any other woman who indulges in an occasional (or frequent) trip to the sex shop is no less of a lady or “good girl” than the woman who does it under the cloak of darkness or not at all.