Are Good Toys Only For Bad Girls?


Exploring your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. Personally, I’m proud of Rihanna for bucking the ignorant status quo and holding her head and furry cuffs high as she does her shopping in adult stores. Maybe her fearlessness and “who gives a f*%k what you think” attitude will give other women, young and old, who have been told that only bad girls buy toys, the courage to step out of the dildo closet and embrace their sexuality. As a proud toy box owner and card carrying member of the sex toy shopping around the world club I salute Rihanna and her bad girl ways with my whip held high. Get your freak on RiRi!

So Vixen Fam, what do you think of Rihanna’s sex store trip? Are you comfortable visiting adult stores? What’s in your goodie box?