Are You Secretly Unhappy With The Junk In Your Trunk?


Everywhere you turn in entertainment it’s there. Everywhere you turn it’s there taunting you like that last slice of chocolate cake. There’s no escaping it! Booty, booty, booty is rockin’ everywhere! From Kimbella and Amber Rose to Serena Williams and Nicki Minaj, any Vixen knows that booty is definitely the body part to watch these days. With booty on full display in the media, it’s hard for a girl to not develop a slight booty complex.

If you asked many women directly how they felt about their behinds most would defiantly say, “I love my body!” or “I don’t envy anyone else. I make what I got work for me.” But chances are that these women have booty envy. They may not resort to illegal silicone injections in dirty hotel rooms, but they do hit the StairMaster a little hard at the gym and make sure to do their squats before bed. Why? They want to achieve the booty “perfection” of the celebrity women they see men, and even women, lusting after.

There’s no shame in wanting more, or less, junk in your trunk. We are, after all, perfectly imperfect human beings who all think there is a little something about ourselves we would change if we could. However, wanting a bigger, firmer, softer booty simply because that’s what’s “selling” nowadays is not the road to take. Although few of us would admit it, our mild obsession with shapely derrieres is part of the reason why we hit those stairs and go extra deep with those squats. Is there anything wrong with admiring the junk of another? Certainly not, but that admiration should never become the reason we find imperfection in ourselves.

Ladies, don’t walk around with booty envy. Be proud of the booty you’ve got! Smack it, flip it and rub it down. Let your booty know that you love and appreciate it. Because even if your booty isn’t looking like Amber or Nicki’s now, in 30 years when the alleged silicone dries up, your real booty will be the hottest on the block!