Banned From TV! 5 Ways Webbie Can Get Himself Back Onto BET’s ‘106 & Park’


Idea #1: Start Trill Entertainment’s first boy band.

If there’s one thing 106 & Park can’t enough of, it’s boy bands. Seriously, have you watched 106 lately? Sometimes, they have boy bands on there that we’ve never even heard of. They don’t have any hit singles, breakthrough albums, or much of a career. But the crowds at 106 & Park still love them, so they keep on booking them. If Webbie wants to guarantee that he gets a spot on the 106 & Park stage again, he needs to start a boy band, teach them a few dance moves, and get them booked ASAP. Hey, it might even help supplement some of the money Trill is losing with Lil Boosie behind bars, right?