Basketball Wives Recap – Imani’s In The Dating Game, Draya’s Not A Factor?

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In last night’s episode of Basketball Wives, Imani decided that she was ready to start dating again and Jackie hooked her up. The date went well but when the man mentioned to Imani that he was about to get a roommate (a no no when you’re near 40) she decided that he would be nothing more than a fling, if that.

The best part of the episode was when Laura told Draya the she was “not a factor” (and Evelyn’s influences lives). But here’s the thing, the women are acting holier than thou by judging Draya and constantly putting her on the spot but if she really wasn’t a factor then why not leave her alone?


Yes, we know cameras are involved and they probably have to put up with her to some degree but why keep trying to “give her chances” only to turn around and nitpick about something else she “did wrong” in their eyes, like none of them have ever had a bad rep for something they may or may not have done (side eye). It’s just silly. But then again, if they didn’t behave this way we probably would have no show to distract us from our own lives.

How do you feel about the Draya situation?