Basketball Wives Recap – Jackie Manipulates, Gloria Still Isn’t Hitched

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What happens when a group of grown women who have a high school mentality get together? They get bored with ganging up on one scapegoat (in this case, Draya) and start to turn on each other, and now the real fun begins.

Jackie went from being the motherly one to trying to manipulate and control everyone. She has decided that she’s not feeling Laura because word on the street is that Laura has been gossiping about her and her family behind her back. Despite saying that she is someone who will step to the source of the problem with her issues, she has decided to tell Draya, Malaysia and Gloria first. But of course this is going to get back to Laura and create major drama. From the looks of forthcoming previews, it’s going to backfire on Jackie.

Meanwhile, Gloria is itching to get married to Matt but there’s a lot missing. We know that they were supposed to get married last year but they called the wedding off. They say they called the wedding off because they felt like they were moving too fast and that they wanted to make sure everything was right. There’s really no such thing as moving too fast for a couple who already has children.

But in last night’s episode, Gloria thought Matt would ask her to seal the deal while they were getting their boys Christened and it didn’t happen. A conversation with Laura revealed that’s there is some drama beyond just moving too fast because they have trust issues. And the truth begins to surface! However, if they know they shouldn’t be married at the moment then it’s probably a wise decision to stay single.

What did you think about last night’s episode and what are your predictions for what’s to come?