Basketball Wives Recap – Reporter Who Outted Draya Speaks, Says She Fibbed

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In last night’s episode of Basketball Wives LA, the ladies confronted Draya about the alleged child endangerment scandal. There is an actual police report so we don’t necessairly have to say “alleged,” but according to Draya, the whole story was made up. She also said that the writer who fabricated the story was fired.

However, the reporter who did the story emailed Baller Alert to let them know where he got his information and that he was not fired:

This item was published in the 9/16/11 edition of the Eagle about Howard’s court case. The article I wrote was based entirely on the police report (the affivadavitt of probable cause) that I had in hand. After Howard’s mother called to complain that the story was inaccurate, I called the police officer and he said the story was very accurrate. Howard’s entering ARD status is tantamount to a guilty plea. Why would a judge order her to 40 hours of family counseling if he/she didn’t believe that what the police officer reported he saw/heard was true? Andraya Howard shows her character when she accuses the police and the paper of making up facts after she has under oath before a judge accepted the punishment.

So basically, Draya may have fibbed. You can google the original article as well as the police report for yourself.

The real question is, who would go to such lengths to create an elaborate conspiracy against someone who isn’t an impactful person? Mandela, we get it. MLK, we get it. Assata Shakur, we get it. Draya Michele, the stripper from Virginia…eh…not so much.