Basketball Wives Recap – So Draya’s In, Laura’s Out?

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The ladies have decided that Laura is the new Draya. Draya is being allowed into the circle and invited to events without being bullied or over scrutinized while Jackie is leading the movement to shut Laura down. Apparently Laura has been saying negative things about everyone behind their backs…and in their faces too and they aren’t happy.

The thing is, they don’t step to Laura the way they do Draya because Laura is a firecracker. Not only does she have a mouth almighty on her but she has back up from Gloria. While at Gloria’s event, Jackie told Laura that she was hurt by the smack talk (Laura called her fat) and it surprisingly didn’t erupt into a huge brawl or war of words. They seemingly squashed the beef but this is women on reality TV, you know it’s not over! The ladies are planning to go on vacation soon and that’s probably where it will all fall down.