‘Basketball Wives’ Showdown: Miami vs. LA


Gloria Govan vs. Shaunie O’Neal
From the very first episode of Basketball Wives: LA, it was clear that producers intended to portray Gloria Govan as the West Coast version of Miami head honcho Shaunie O’Neal. While we’re sure Gloria could probably hold her own in a catfight, she just doesn’t seem to have as much edge as her Miami counterpart. Gloria’s “mother hen” routine often comes across as forced.

Shaunie is a business woman, and outside of producing the show, we knew of the former b-ball wife’s history as a reporter for a local Miami news station. All we’ve seen of Gloria, so far, is her time spent eating lunch and coaching a basketball team, a move which seemed oddly convenient.

Winner: Shaunie O’ Neal. Over all, Shaunie just has better H.B.I.C swag.