‘Basketball Wives’ Showdown: Miami vs. LA


Malaysia Pargo vs. Tami Roman
Every good reality show needs a no-holds-barred wild card. Who’s on deck? Malaysia and Tami, for sure. It only took one smart remark for Malaysia to snatch off her earrings (and shoes!) hood style. After popping Laura Govan in the face during the very first episode of the season, Malaysia had every viewer in shock. We’ve all seen what a little wine and a ‘talk to the hand’ gesture can cause Tami to do, yet these two heavyweight champs are not created equal.

While both women proudly wear their hood cards on their chest like a bad tattoo, Malaysia’s good life in LA has softened her up a bit. Tami, on the other hand, has literally had to go from mansions to food stamps, and that kind of struggle has become the backbone of Tami’s tough demeanor. While Malaysia might think she’s currently too good to be “ghetto,” Tami could give a damn about appearances and is ready to pop off at any time and, literally, anywhere.

Winner: Tami Roman. There really was no competition, Tami officially gold-plated and sealed her #1 Pop-Off card during her run on Basketball Wives. (Remember that trip to Rome?)

Honorable Mention: Laura Govan. Even though she would be no match for Tami in a Roman bar fight, Laura did square up merely weeks after having a baby.