‘Basketball Wives’ Showdown: Miami vs. LA


Kimsha Artest vs. Evelyn Lozada
Both of tese two ladies call the Empire State home, and it definitely shows in their cocky, in-your-face attitudes. We haven’t had a chance to see Kimsha much on Basketball Wives: LA, but it’s clear from the first two episodes that she doesn’t take much ish.

But Evelyn? We’ve seen and heard a lot over the past three seasons. She definitely is not one to play with and will throw down with the best of them. Evelyn has fought verbally and physically (by throwing drinks) with nearly every member of the Miami crew. This latina guards her “circle” like Mufasa guarding his Pride.

Winner: Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn really wins this one by default. Since we haven’t seen what Kimsha is really bringing to the table yet, our money’s on Ev.