‘Basketball Wives’ Showdown: Miami vs. LA


Royce Reed vs. Draya Michele
In the wild, a basketball wife has two natural enemies: The cheerleader and the groupie. That’s why Royce and Draya are the women these wives love to hate. Royce, a former cheerleader broke the “rules” when she had a baby with NBA player Dwight Howard, and that fact makes her public enemy #1 amongst the Miami clan.

Likewise, Draya has been linked to numerous rappers, singers and, of course, athletes. Add to that the fact that she’s a video vixen and you can see why all the other wives clutch their pearls (and their man) whenever Draya is near. These two ladies could care less about their status in the “circle” which makes for friction and some serious cat fights.

Winner: Tie! Both of these women are pretty much hated by their casts and that hate alone could carry both shows.