Beauty Alert: Chanel Spring Polishes in April, May and June


Every season, Chanel seems to dictate the nail polish trends. Not that it’s a problem. They are innovative and that secret shimmer makes the color unique. I spotted my first glance at Chanel’s spring polishes on one of my favorite YouTuber’s– makeup artist Lisa Elderidgewebsite.

I love, love Lisa, and the work that she does for Chanel’s Makeup Confidential website. And of course, I’m loving these polishes, especially May and June. Lisa loves June, too, saying, “I was immediately drawn to June–I’m wearing it in the pic–as its one of those shades that flatters many skin tones,” she wrote. “I’m all about June’s future bloom.”

Me too, Lisa! Me too.

Will you check out these polishes when they hit counters in June, or just wait for the Revlon dupe?