Beyoncé Talks ‘Pregnancy’ with Harper’s BAZAAR


Since announcing her pregnancy back in August, Beyonce’s baby bump as been making more headlines than the diva herself. Many spectators have weighed in on whether or not the singer is really ‘pregnant’

But no matter if you think she is faking her pregnancy (while a surrogate mother carries her child), the singer seems to be overlooking her critics as she continues to grace covers of magazine thoughtout the world. Her latest — Harper’s Bazaar.

In the issue she touches on her married life, her husband Jay-Z, as well as her infamous ‘pregnancy’:

“I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to unveil it,” says Beyonce. “It was important to me that I was able to do it myself. I was extremely nervous. It was the toughest red carpet I ever did. I didn’t want a crazy picture or gossip story to break the news, so I decided to say nothing and proudly show my baby bump. I felt it was more powerful to see the love and enthusiasm as opposed to saying anything.”

Watch a VIDEO and see more excerpts & photos (shot by Terry Richardson) of Beyonce from the shoot below: