Beyonce Tells A Disapproving Simon Cowell To ‘Criticize That!’


It’s hard to imagine anyone in their right mind genuinely finding a flaw in Beyonce’s talent. But if there’s any professional hater who’d have the balls to publicly criticize the queen B, it’s Simon Cowell.

A few years back the man behind Spice Girls, American Idol and X-Factor was quoted slandering Hov’s wifey. “I find the whole Beyonce thing really mystifying, She’s not sexy, she hasn’t got a great body and she’s not a great singer.” Didn’t it feel like so much effort was put into constructing that statement?

Well Sasha Fierce didn’t let Simon get away with his silly tongue. In an interview with Extra TV, the jab-slinging personality admitted that he had an awkward first meeting with Bey after his above statement However it wasn’t she made a guest appearance on X-Factor that he was forced to apologize after being blown away by her vocals. 

“I once criticized her then met her afterwards. Boy, oh boy that was a difficult meeting. Then she came on my show about a year later in the UK and it was still obviously in her head what I said and I apologized, I was wrong. She sang better than anyone I’ve ever in my whole life. Then at one point, she looked over to me and went ‘criticize that.'” Her eyes. I’ll never forget the look.” 

That’s one way to learn a lesson. Peep the performance that made Cowell bite his tongue. 

Props → Necole Bitchie