Beyonce’s Most Glamorous Vintage Looks


If there’s one thing “Countdown” solidified for us, it’s that nobody has this classic glamour thing down pat quite like Beyoncé. From music videos and movies to elaborate magazine shoots, we’ve seen King Bey depict everything from a funky Foxy Cleopatra in afro wigs to a beautifully harried B.B. Homemaker in Rosie the Riveter rags.

We’re in love with the 1960s mod look Bey has going on in her new music video with her wing-tipped mod makeup and retro pixie hairdos. And because this isn’t the first time she’s paid homage to the glamour of the past, we’ve decided to pay homage to Bey’s most glamorous vintage looks with this gallery of photos spanning from “No No No” all the way to “Countdown”.

Check out the gallery of Bey’s most gorgeous vintage get-ups here!