B.o.B Tells Pop Fans He’s Returning To His Rap Roots


B.o.B stopped by Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club recently and chopped it up with the crew about T.I.‘s release, how being a crossover artist helped him to the White House and his new phase in music.

With the success of his pop hits like “Nothing On You” and “Airplanes,” Prez O asked Bobby to perform for several events, but don’t expect him to continue riding the pop route. He told the am team that he’s taking it back to the start. “I’m getting back to my basics for those people who didn’t know me before ‘Nothing On You’ or ‘Airplanes.’” He also explained how each career step is a new phase in his journey. “First song I ever release was Cloud 9, which was like a smokers anthem. Then I had an alternative phase where I wanted to do rock music and now I just feel like rapping, every now and then I’ll sing a melody.”

B.o.B’s sophomore album Strange Clouds is expected to be released March 2012.