Bobby Brown Returning To Reality TV With New Edition?


If for some wild reason you’ve missed Bobby Brown on television, get ready for his return. The singer is reportedly set to get back on the small screen and plans to do so with his ex-boybanders, New Edition. According to Singersroom, Bobby Brown revealed he is working on rebuilding the friendships with his fellow group members and they’ve got quite a few things planned for the future:

“We have a conference call every Sunday,” Brown tells Hustler magazine. “We’re putting the band back together.” The singer continued, “I think the thing that was missing with us was prayer. Being able to pray together and understand our differences. I think that’s what made us fight so much. Our friendship was lost once the business of being in the band exploded. We’re now working at becoming friends again and getting back together next year for a tour and an album. And maybe a television show.”

Would you watch Bobby Brown if he returned to the TV screen? It may not include the hashtag-worthy antics of ‘Being Bobby Brown’ but we’re sure it would be just as entertaining.