Celebrities React To Gaddafi’s Death Via Twitter


As Libya tries to rebuild in the aftermath of Gaddafi’s take down after 42 years of his reign, the rest of the world is tweeting their opinions on the matter. See what some celebrities and TV personalities had to tweet regarding their feelings about Moammar Gaddafi’s death.

Adam Carolla: “Dear Libya- Nice work on Moammar but the dragging thru the streets, its 2011. And your taking precious time away from the space program.”

Donald Trump: Why did we spend billions of our money on Libya if we are not going to get any of the country’s oil? What do we get out of this?”

Combat Jack: “RT @washingtonpost: This video appears to show #Gaddafi alive and wounded before his death: http://wapo.st/rrEBTM #Gadhafi #Libya”

@Seth Meyers: Gadhaffi’s last words were “How my hair look, Mike?” #Unconfirmed

Piers Morgan, linking to an image of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the news of his death: Ever wondered how a Secretary of State would react to news of #Gadhafi being caught? Here you go….. http://mediaite.com/a/zcxje #Wowza

@WillyVille: US. S of State Hillary Clinton’s a G![GANGSTA], Love Hillary!

Holly Robinson Peete: Wow Gadhafi was in power for 42 years??? Talk about no term limits! #alongasstime

Joel McHale: “Gadhafi Caught! Is there nothing Boba Fett can’t do!”