Change Clothes: Bria Murphy Goes Dark + Vintage For Halloween


Bria Murphy is best known for her success as a rising model and new “it” girl of L.A. Models. A long way from Gucci Mane’s main chick (“Spotlight”), Miss Murphy landed a deal with beauty brand Dark & Lovely earlier this year. And now? Eddie Murphy’s first born is on the fast track to staying in the public eye building a noteworthy buzz. VIBE tapped the blossoming starlet to show off some Halloween versatility and dish about her favorite holiday treats! -Niki McGloster

1. Best costume
The best Halloween costume I’ve ever worn was Cleopatra. It was simple but it was my favorite.

2. Favorite Halloween movie
I love scary movies, so it’s hard to pick just one. But if I had to pick one that really scares me, I’d have to go with The Exorcist.

3. Your best Halloween experience
I have always enjoyed going to places with different Halloween mazes. I’ve been doing it every year now since I was 14 [years old]. Each year it’s a new experience, but it’s always fun!

4. What are some “dark and lovely” makeup/hair tips for Halloween
For Halloween, if you really want to get the look for your costume, relaxing your hair can be convenient. Dark and Lovely’s Healthy-Gloss 5 relaxer is the best relaxer to use because it will keep your hair healthy. It will look fantastic! This relaxer will ensure that you have an easy transition into your choice of character.