Change Clothes: Bria Murphy Goes Dark + Vintage For Halloween


5. What’s your favorite look from this photoshoot?
I loved all of the looks from the photoshoot, but if I had to choose one, I’d say it was the Pin-Up girl. I’ve never been that before.

6. What are her plans for this Halloween?
This Halloween, I will be hanging out with family and friends. I’m going to take my sisters trick-or-treating.

7. Favorite Halloween candy? Hands down…
I really have a sweet tooth, so I love most of the candy people give out on Halloween. But my favorite would have to be Linda’s Lollies. They are rare on Halloween, but I’m always hoping someone has them.

8. What is her favorite Halloween memory from childhood?
My favorite Halloween memory from my childhood would have to be when I was 12. It was my second time dressing up as Cleopatra, and my mom was taking us trick-or-treating. It was freezing that night, so my mom bought me a black cloak to wear over my costume. After we hit all of the houses, my brother and sister wanted to go to all of them again. I was worried I wouldn’t get any more candy if I went back, so I put the hood of my cloak on really low over my eyes. Now I’m sure the people in the neighborhood wouldn’t have minded giving me second servings, but you couldn’t tell me anything that night. No one recognized me, and I got so much candy that night. I will never forget it!

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