Conrad Murray Trial Live, Medical Examiner Among Final Witnesses


That’s the heart of Murray’s defense is that Michael Jackson gave himself the lethal dose of drugs that killed him. Tuesday in court, according to Jean Casarez, correspondent for truTV’s “In Session,” the defense made “a lot of good points” while cross-examining prosecution witness Dr. Christopher Rogers, the Los Angeles County Deputy Medical Examiner, who ruled that Jackson died of “propofol intoxication.”

Rogers testified that he thinks Murray is to blame because he didn’t have the tools to properly monitor the Propofol he was giving Jackson. However, Casarez said, the defense brought highlighted the importance of Michael Jackson’s stomach contents at the time of his death.

They found a high dose of Lorazepam in his stomach, which denotes that someone orally took at least five to six Lorazepam tablets, maybe more, because some was in (Jackson’s) blood. So the defense is saying that Propofol didn’t cause the death, Lorazepam did. And Michael Jackson took the Lorazepam himself. Watch the trial live:

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