The Cool Kids’ Mikey Rocky Opens Up About Signing With Curren$y

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Jet Life to the next life! New Orleans rapper Curren$y expanded his Jet life Recordings roster, by adding The Cool Kids rapper Sir Michael Rocks and Harlem’s Smoke DZA. This past Sunday, October 23, Curren$y took to Twitter to unleash the news about Sir Michael Rocks, which surprised most.

“Roll one for @SirMichaelRocks for he is indeed Jet Life Official… Pop a bottle for dat man,” Curren$y tweeted. “So honestly we must follow @SirMichaelRocks… simply because #mikerocksisjetlife.” Which isn’t as surprising — being that two are associated with each other heavily as of recent — yesterday, October 23, Curren$y unleashed the news of frequent collaborator Smoke DZA joining the tour, which he took to Twitter to announce once again. “Well its late, but not to late to pop a bottle for @smokedza joining the set… J.L.R… Now to turn this bus into a celebration station.”

In an interview with Ashley Outrageous, Sir Michael Rocks spoke in depth about the signing. “I was talking to Curren$y a little minute ago about what I was doing on the solo side because outside The Cool Kids, I kind of wanted to be like the Wu-Tang theory,” Sir Michael Rocks explains regarding the solo deal. “You know they had a group, but all the individual members, they break off and do they own shit too and make classics, then come back in to the group, link back up and make that shit bigger.”

“It really wouldn’t be a better place for me right now… at this point in my career.” Sir Michael Rocks also says that hat he will join Curren$y on the road soon, who is currently on The Smoker’s Club tour alongside Method Man, Big K.R.I.T., and newest signee Smoke DZA.

News that shall excite most, Mikey hints that there will be new music from the new Jet Life camp on the same track. “We’re going to the inaugural posse cut real soon and just smack everyone over the head,” explained The Cool Kids rapper. “As soon as I get to Chicago, I think I can knock out a lot of the recording shit out. They already sent me the first Jets joint that they want me to get on.”

In February, Curren$y signed a label deal with Warner Bros. Records for his imprint Jet Life Recordings, with Covert Coup being the first released project under the imprint.  Sir Michael Rocks and Smoke DZA will be joining the Jet Life roster alongside Curren$y’s two young buzzing sidekicks Trademark Da Skydriver, & Young Roddy, as well as former No Limit’ rapper Fiend, Corner Boy P, Monsta Beatz, Street Wiz and Mousa. –Shabazz