Cornel West, Raheem Devaughn Arrested At OccupyDC


Dr. Cornel West and Raheem Devaughn were arrested Sunday shortly after attending the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, along with over a dozen OccupyDC protesters on the steps of the Supreme Court, according to

The demonstration was one of several taking place around the world to protest against corporate influence on politics and its effects on the economy.

Shortly after his arrest, Raheem’s staff posted this message on Twitter:

Raheem is in jail for protesting along side Dr. Cornel West downtown. We expect him to get out soon. -Dave (staff)

Sources close to Dr. West posted a similar message on his Twitter saying:

Thanks ALL for your concern. Dr. West is ok. He’ll share his thoughts from today very soon. Stay tuned! #OccupyDC — Bro. @brandonAlucas

The people arrested were charged with trespassing and are expected to be released soon.