Crazed Woman Attacks Usher for Parking in Handicap Space

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They call him U-S-H-E-R… but it doesn’t matter who you are if you’re illegally park in a handicap spot.

According to a video posted on TMZ, the R&B singer was attacked by a screaming woman in an ATL parking lot last weekend, during the Little Points Halloween Parade. 

“You don’t belong here!,” screams the woman, supposedly in front of her child and a hoard of bystanders in costume, including an Elvis Presley impersonator.

Eyewitnesses said that Sir Raymond just arrived at the shopping center to partake in the holiday festivities and parked his black SUV in a handicap spot, prompting the woman to yell, flail her arms and even grab the star’s hoodie.

The woman’s husband eventually pulled her away and Ursher drove off soon after. –Adelle Platton

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