Def Jam VP Reacts To Irv Gotti’s Negative Comments


Def Jam’s VP, No I.D., went on the record with WGCI’s The Morning Riot and responded to Irv Gotti’s recent outspoken bid for Def Jam presidency. 

“I know where he’s coming from. Everybody got an opinion about it. I’m just there to do my job, to be honest,” he said. “He’s just strongly stating his opinion, and there are some facts in it and there are other parts to this business that have to do with how things be the way they are.”

However, No I.D. would not directly comment about whether Gotti would be suitable for president.

“I can’t say. That’s what I mean by I won’t get into whether he can or can’t, because who’s to say who can and can’t? it would be cool to have somebody in that position, but me, I’ma just stay in my position and do the best that I can do for music in general,” he said.

Irv Gotti criticized Def Jam on MTV Rap Fix last Wednesday (Oct 6.).

“Even if it ain’t me, I’m cool,” Gotti said. “Put someone there who knows what he’s doing, that’s about the culture and is gonna care or else y’all just gonna let it fall.” –Natelege Whaley