‘Dexter’ Recap, Is Brother Sam Dex’s Next Mentor?

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If you follow Dexter, then you know that over the past few seasons that the lead character tends to form unsual friendships with men who can mentor him in some way. It has always lead him to trouble but Dex is human and his dad isn’t around, a fact that he still mourns, so it’s not a surprise. It’s also why people like the show.

In last night’s episode, Brother Sam and Dexter bonded. Bro Sam baptized Dexter and tried to preach some of the gospel but Dexter remained a non-believer. Brother Sam was cool about it and didn’t force the message of God down Dex’s throat. Eventually Bro Sam revealed some of his own background to Dexter and admitted that he wasn’t always a believer as well but the church helped him repint. Dexter saw his biological dad in a vision and got scolded about getting too close to Bro Sam becuase again, we know what happens when Dexter gets close to people. So far Sam seems to be ok but it’s an unpredictable show and you never know which way this might go.

One aspect where Brother Sam will most likely be helpful throughout this season is in catching this latest serial killer. We don’t know this man’s name yet but he has been manipulating a younger man into doing his bidding. Once victims are murdered, theira limbs are sewn on to mannequins who have been strapped to four horses (which represent the 4 horses of the apocalypse) to send a message. Right now the message appears to be a warning for Doomsday because this man seems to think he’s a prophet. But you never really know with psychos, so we’ll just have to keep watching. Greatest serial killer in Dexter history so far? Or are you still rocking with Trinity?

Where do you think Brother Sam fits in to the equation this season? Is he going to end up saving Dexter in more ways than just mentally?