Dexter Recap, Could Brother Sam Be Next?

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Last night Dexter discovered that The Tooth Fairy was more than just a fairytale. After years of retirement, infamous serial killer The Tooth Fairy committed his first murder in 20 years, which prompted Dexter to strike. The Tooth Fairy’s game was to extract a tooth from each of his victims. At nearly 70-years-old, he got bored with lying low and struck again.

Dexter, being the cunning genius that he is, found his prey and took him out. However, there is a bigger menace terrorizing folks in Miami. This particular killer doesn’t have a name yet but he’s uber religious and working for someone whose voice we can hear but his face remains a mystery.

This particular killer seems to be going after people who have sinned in some way and once the victim is dead they finish the job with grotesque deeds, like implanting snakes in their victims or sewing the victim’s body parts on to mannequins, strapping them on horses and sending the creatures trotting down the street.

We’re wondering if Brother Sam could be a victim. It’s just a hunch but what if Brother Sam discovers that despite repenting, his past comes to back to get him? An even wackier thought is, what if Brother Sam is this second party voice that we hear?

What do you think is going to happen this season?