Did Reality TV Kill The Relationship?


From UPTOWN–By now it’s a well-known fact that we all love to indulge in reality television regardless of how trashy it is, what stereotypes it emphasizes and portrays, and how we tirelessly try to change the channel, but just can’t because we love watch the drama of real life soap operas unfold.  But what happens when the drama that is unfolding isn’t just something that girlfriends can mend over some conversation and a glass or two of wine?  Better yet, when the storyline goes from bickering “girlfriends” to the disintegration of a romantic bond or the union between a man and his wife one has to ask whether or not the reality TV cameras are to blame.

NeNe Leakes split with her husband after a few seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and we all watched as Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams went through a nasty, yet liberating break-up with her ex-NBA star of a husband, but neither break-up surprised anyone.  Not only did neither break-up surprise anyone that the two women know or viewers because everyone could see these two particular relationships falling apart at the seams.  A break-up that nobody saw coming is the one that was brought to light yesterday by NBA player Matt Barnes who officially announced his split with Bastketball Wives: LA star, Gloria Govan.

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