Diddy Spazzes on Clubgoers for Not Drinking Ciroc

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Last night, Diddy and T.I. hosted a wild afterparty following the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Club Compound in Atlanta was packed to the brim as Diddy took the mic to get the party cracking. However, things almost turned ugly when several patrons started taunting Diddy with bottles of vodka…that weren’t Ciroc.

Luckily, T.I. ended the commotion with some choice words:

What’s going on in this muthaf–ka. I’m going to tell you like this, you will not f–k my hundred million up for nothing in this muthaf–ka. I don’t give a f–k what’s going on. I ain’t for that fight s–t. I will get the f–k on out of this b—h and let ya’ll have it. I’ve done enough time. Ain’t nobody else in this muthaf–ka talking about fighting and have did time. I ain’t trying to do it. Puff you got too much money for that sh-t nicca. Let that nicca drink what the f–k he wanna drink, f–k that s–t. They ain’t getting money for drinking that sh-t, they paid to drink that sh-t. I love you and will go to war for you but come on man!