DJ Khaled Invites Uncle Luke to Radio Show to Explain His Recent Rant


With Uncle Luke’s recent complaints of rappers moving to Miami and not giving back to the city, DJ Khaled had the veteran Miami rapper come up to 99 Jamz to discuss his issues. During their conversation, Luke discussed how rappers should do more for the Miami community if they plan to move there, and what it would mean to the kids for a rapper to come visit them:

“Anybody that’s coming here, plan on moving here, whether its Puff Daddy, Lil’ Wayne, or whoever it may be, they need to understand that. They need to understand if you gonna be part of this community you got to be fully part of the community. You can’t just come here. You don’t need to be here just sitting here squatting, eating our food and partying. Do something in the community.”

Listen to Luke’s interview here.