DJ Premier Stopped Justin Bieber From Rapping in 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher

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Just because your girlfriend’s Selena Gomez, mentor’s Usher and name’s a regular trending topic doesn’t automatically qualify you for the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers.

Tween phenom Justin Bieber was denied entry from the highly-esteemed cyphers at the 2011 Hip Hop Awards because he wanted Ludacris to pen his verse, according to DJ Premier. Preem, along with BET executives, have called the shots on past cyphers at the annual awards ceremony, showcasing some of the rap game’s top-caliber emcees in freestyle action.

“They’ll give me the list,” Premier said of the artist roster. “We have arguments upon arguments. Shout to Stephen Hill. Shout to Jesse Collins. Believe me, we be arguing over who should be on it and all of that. Lots of big fights over the phone.”

DJ Premier gave little regard to the Biebs’ reputation after preventing the “Baby” singer from spitting a verse.

“I was like yo, as long as he got a dope rhyme, let him spit,” Premier said. “I was like oh no, no, no, no. If you ain’t writing your own rhyme, you can’t do it, so Justin, you gotta take a backseat. Write your own rhymes, honey. You gotta call him honey on that one.”

Bieber will have to stick to making Christmas albums for now.–Adelle Platon


DJ Premier Talks Justin Bieber x BET Hip-Hop Cyphers