Dr. Dre Says He Focused on Working With Kendrick Lamar and Slim The Mobster

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Dr. Dre has yet to release his much-anticipated third album Detox, but seems to be hard at work building his empire with a new  $300 million dollar deal for Beats Electronics. In addition to Beats By Dre headphones, he plans to corner the mobile market by partnering with HTC to release his own branch of cell phones in two weeks. However, rap fans should be glad to know he’s still taking time to work on music. Dre said he’s focused on producing music for his artists, Kendrick Lamar and Slim The Mobster. In a recent interview with Global Grind, Dre discussed working with the two rappers.

“I am back in the studio doing my thing. I have a couple of new artists that I am excited about, Kendrick Lamar and Slim The Mobster. These are the next two artists, and these are probably my final two artists that I am going to be working with at least for the next couple of years. I am going to devote all my attention to them and make sure their sh*t comes out the way it should be. I am just having fun with life right now!”

Both from California, Kendrick Lamar and Slim The Mobster are signed to Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment.

Kendrick is one of the most exciting new rap artists to breakthrough in 2011, even being crowned as the “New King Of The West Coast.” Recently, he worked with electronic producer Nosaj Thing on the song, “Cloud 10,” which is featured in the new Windows phone commercial. Slim The Mobster just released a new track last week with Snoop Dogg, “What Goes Up”, which was produced by both Dre and Snoop.

Detox has no official realease date. –Brittny Pierre