Drake’s Sophomore Album Will Feature Andre 3000

It looks like that Andre 3000 feature Drake told us he was trying to get for his second album has come through. According to reports, Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib has revealed in an interview with Fader that Andre 3000 will be appearing on Drizzy’s sophomore album, Take Care.

On the eve of Drake’s first album release date, the rapper told VIBE that it was meant for the second project.

“I really tried to do a song with Andre 3000, but I think it was meant for my second album…Dre is one of those people that needs you to do a little more. He’s one of those people that believe in his craft so much that he needs you to do more than just be over hyped or just famous. In his mind, I have to prove myself and the truth is, I do. That’s just being real. I have a lot of work to do, so I actually respect him for that. I think on the second album I’ll probably only have two features. I have a few people in mind and Dre probably will be one of them.”

Take Care is set for a November 15 release date after sample clearance issues pushed the original release date back.