Fashion Alert: Del Toro Introduces Women’s Collection


Taking a page from Kanye West’s style book, we’ve taken a closer look at the comfy, Italian luxury slip-ons by Del Toro. Crafted solely to swag out their graduation day ‘fits, Matthew Chevellard has taken this unisex loafer and made it a staple for casual chic. Now, with the recent launch of their women’s line, they’re pushing the limits of luxe and making women staunch fans of this blossoming collection. Customizing this footwear is the key, and with the new women’s collection completely on trend–animal prints, woven prints–we’re ready to prep up our wardrobes right alongside the guys.

We tapped the boarding school chap for more info on the loafers. See what they said about expanding the brand to accessories and what pair every Vixen must have!

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