Fashion Alert: Del Toro Introduces Women’s Collection


Prep school cool is in with varsity jackets by Phillip Lim and shoes by Del Toro. Why should we all go back-to-school style with Albert Slippers?
I think, in times like this, people come back to the basics and nostalgia about the good ol’ times. When times are tough and people aren’t as superfluous about spending and style, we revert back to all-American Heritage. This concept is backed by a strong tradition in craftsmanship and timelessness that makes the product justifiable and more comforting for all. We infuse American Heritage with Italian luxe and a touch of sneakerhead. Moreover, who doesn’t kick back and always have a good time reminiscing about awkward school dances and football games.

The slip-on shoes can be embroidered with this season’s trendy fox heads or stars and moon sets. What does it mean to Del Toro wearers that they can create and wear their own highly customized designs?
Our customizing feature further enables customers to grab life by the horns to the fullest and be able to express themselves through their footwear. Our shoes and our lifestyle that we preach is to capture each own’s individuality through means of expression such as clothing and specifically our shoes. I think a person’s shoes speaks wonders about a person and hence we try to make unique shoes that are still timeless and classic in nature

You have recently done some amazing collaborations. What was it like working with Tibi?
Tibi and Amy are great. It was awesome because it was the real launch of our women’s side. We have always offered women’s bespoke, but along with Tibi’s collabo, we are introducing our women’s line in October for the first, so it’s all very exciting. We are fortunate enough to be on the frontier of a very strong trend so momentum is with us.

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