Fresh Face: 3 Reasons Why We Want Elle Varner To Win


She’s Got Next
Maybe it’s just us, but doesn’t it seem like the same people with the same sound have been running the charts for the last few years? Sure we’ve had moments where a new artist pops in for their 15 minutes of fame with a hot single. However, once that 15 is up, they become fodder for VH1 Where Are They Now? specials. Enter Elle Varner. This newbie has hit the scene with a refreshing sound and look that the game hasn’t seen done properly in at least a decade.  On top of that, thanks to her songwriter parents, Elle also writes her own lyrics and doesn’t do too bad of a job judging by her latest smash single.  How far Elle goes in the game remains to be seen, but it’s clear from the amazing start she’s had that homegirl has next in this music thing–definitely one to watch!