Fresh Face: Skye Townsend Talks Beyoncé Impersonations + “8 Days A Week”


What beauty products are you using?
I’m terrible when it comes to my skin, I literally just use like water and Dove soap [laughs] if I’m really peeling I’ll put on some moisturizer [laughs] Some people try to endorse products and I’m just like, it’s Dove soap!

Describe your style.

I am too much of a hippie at times, I get in trouble for being too much of a hippie, my mom is like ‘are you really not going to wear a bra with that shirt?” I love Lisa Bonet, I just love like the really edgy, big hair, nose ring, I love when people are really laid back and can look edgy. I’m usually the one wearing the spiked out boots and the dress in comparison to the Louboutins because I cant afford those yet [laughs].  So you’ll probably catch me in my combat boots or moccasins.

Lastly, what other projects from you can the fans look forward to?
I recently was just sent two different scripts. I can’t release the details yet, but it’s very exciting to me and flattering. I am looking to get into film. Of course, 8 Days a Week if that gets picked up as a series. I’m very excited! As far as music, I’m either going to be dropping a song [and] a video, or I potentially might be signing. It depends on where the wind blows


Lathleen Ade-Brown is an entertainment reporter and freelance writer based in New York City.