Gabby Sidibe Chats ‘Tower Heist,’ Flirting With Eddie Murphy

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VIBE Vixen caught up with Gabby Sidibe, who is doing her first comedic role in the Brett Ratner-produced film, Tower Heist. Here, she dishes on working with Eddie Murphy and practicing her Jamaican accent for the movie.

On Meeting Eddie Murphy

That was probably the scariest part for me. I remember for weeks in advance I was kind of fretting to all of my friends about these scenes I have to flirt with Eddie, and what he it would be like. I was genuinely worried about it; I was worried about fitting in because I think I’m really funny by myself in my bedroom. [Laughs] I make myself laugh all the time, but am I really funny standing next to Eddie Murphy?

Prepping For Her Accent

My best friend is Jamaican, and we’ve been best friends for 12 years now. Although she was born here in America, her parents were both born in Jamaica and my dad was born in Senegal, Africa. We’ve been making fun of each others’ heritage for the entire friendship. She’ll make an African accent, and I’ll try a Jamaican accent. It’s really a huge part of our friendship. To do it on screen was scary because I’ve just been kidding. I would ask her different pointers and different phrases to say, and she would make sure I said them right. Also, I had a dialect coach. Three, in fact.

Funniest Person On Set

Eddie was always really funny, and I think he was funnier because of my perception of him. He’s such a sweet person and really nice, and in between scenes he would sing “Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr. in his accent, so it was really funny. It was kind of amazing to see a side of him that’s different than what I thought. It was really nice and endearing to be on set with people that I admire. They didn’t give me any pointers but trusted me with this film that was essentially theirs. They trusted me that I knew what I was doing. My back would be a little bit straighter, and I would stand up a little bit taller because I felt I could march around with them.